• No QI SUMMIT 2016 (see notification here) as the 40th International Hospital Federation (IHF) World Hospital Congress will be hosted in Durban from 30 October - 3 November 2016, with the theme "Addressing the Challenge of Patient-centered Care and Safety". To register, please see the website.

The New Somerset Hospital team and their poster
The New Somerset Hospital team and their poster

Since 2009, the Best care...Always! campaign has supported South(ern) African healthcare organisations as they implement specific, internationally recognised, evidence-based interventions that enhance patient safety and constitute current best practice in hospital care.
BCA is inclusive and seeks to involve health professionals from both the private and public sectors. There is no fee to join. Participating hospitals and health professionals should be willing to make evidence-based changes at a faster pace, share ideas with others, measure results and report on progress. We are led by a representative national task team drawn from hospital groups, national and provincial government, NGO's and funders. A panel of academic and clinical experts, including members of clinical leadership organisations, serves in an overall advisory capacity. We have guiding principles and a brochure describing the original campaign. A map of our 202 enrolled hospitals - over 83% of all private hospital beds in South Africa, includes public hospitals in Gauteng and Western Cape.

Previous Quality Improvement Summits
BCA Learning Session 3 - June 1, 2012 (Slideshow Quicktime 2MB)

Antibiotic Resistance
  • Resistance. This documentary explores the problem of antibiotic resistance with film footage, stories of patients with resistant infections and interviews with experts and researchers. A review in Slate said “after watching Resistance, you won’t even think of asking your doctor for antibiotics unless you’re really sick - which is exactly how they’re meant to be used.” A trailer is available to view online.
  • SAASP Guide to Antibiotic Prescribing
  • New PBS documentary brings to light the reach and magnitude of antibiotic resistance - "Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria"
  • Extending the Cure 5 minute video on antibiotic resistance: Unstoppable superbugs
  • BCA for the Newborn: Document (PDF) and Introductory Presentation (PPT)

Dr Hannes Loots of MediClinic on BCA
leadership for improvement - May 7, 2011
Antibiotic Stewardship

More on Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections

Hand Hygiene!
  • Ask me if I cleaned my hands! - 2 great ideas (JAMA) and 2 great videos: 10 year-old twins rapping to promote hand hygiene and a hospital staff dance
  • WHO's hand hygiene site for May 5 Clean Your Hands annual campaign day

Measures and Reports
  • Excel spreadsheet containing Welsh Safety Calendars (aka the Southern Cross) plus templates for days between infections, infection rates, bundle compliance
  • BCA monthly Hospital Report template

Access the BCA Extranet to enter real-time data and monthly reports:
Workbook here to get started! (from Groote Schuur Provincial Training)
Register & login to submit your data on the extranet


Our current focus is on healthcare-associated infection and antibiotic stewardship but participatory organisations have used their learning and experience from tackling these problems to go on and methodically and effectively address other patient safety and quality issues.
Catheter-associated urinary tract infection
Surgical site infection
Antibiotic stewardship
Central line-associated bloodstream infection
Ventilator-associated pneumonia

We wish to acknowledge and thank the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) as well as the Canadian Safer Healthcare Now! campaign for their assistance. Links are provided to these and other organisations which offer extensive patient safety and improvement resources.