Author - Gareth Kantor

Outcomes measurement is “spurious”?

John Kane-Berman in Politicsweb (October 6, 2019) objects to Health Market Inquiry (HMI) recommendations that there be mandatory outcomes reporting in the private health sector, quoting an (un-named) general practitioner who says reporting outcomes is “spurious”. A second un-named health professional, a “specialist”, puts forward a number of specific objections: Specialists (i.e. roughly 50% of doctors), would be prejudiced, having the worst outcomes only because of the need to “rectify” everyone else’s “failed care” . A “rich demanding patient [...]


Value-based compensation, the provider-payer split, and payment reform – an alternative view

SA health care is in the throes of fierce debate about massive proposed structural and payment changes. Don Berwick, founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, knows a thing or two about funding it. During the Obama administration, he presided for a time over the biggest health care payer in the world – the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – 2018 spend $582 billion. Value-based compensation (VBC) and the provider-payer split are health care reform essentials in many [...]


I Save That Line

The US-based Association for Vascular Access (AVIA) started a campaign in 2006 to bring principles of vascular access device management to the bedside. The campaign used the acronym ISAVE: I Implement insertion care and maintenance bundles S Scrupulous hand hygiene A Always disinfect every needle-less connector V Vein Preservation E Ensure Patency   AVIA now have a 1-page, freely downloadable guide for patients and families, using the same acronym: The Association encourages sharing and distribution of this resource in facilities, on social media platforms, with patients and families, provided it is not amended without their [...]