Applying scientific methods and evidence to health systems to improve quality of care.

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During the Best Care…Always! campaign, organisations worked hard to prevent hospital-acquired infections and address other quality and safety priorities.  Read More

Improvement takes a community, offering support from other improvers, learning resources (e.g. learning session content, getting started guides, scientific abstracts, keynote presentations) and sharing of best practices.

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During the campaign, many South African hospitals reduced preventable harm in the BCA focus areas.

  • In 18 months Red Cross Childrens’ Hospital reduced ventilator-associated pneumonia by 70% (2011-2012).
  • C27 ICU @ Groote Schuur Hospital went >400 days without a catheter-associated central line infection (2011-2012).
  • Mowbray Maternity Hospital reduced readmissions for septic caesarean section by 73% (2011-2012).
  • From 2014 – 2011 Netcare hospital group reduced CLABSI from 2.25 to 0.9 per 1000 catheter-days.
  • MediClinic hospital group reduced CAUTI by 42.4% to 2.9 per 1000 catheter-days  from 2011 to 2015.
  • Between 2011-2015, Life Healthcare group reduced SSI by 46.8%.

BCA Focus Areas

Systematic, evidence-based approaches to HAI reduction, antibiotic stewardship and other focus areas.

Antibiotic Stewardship

Up to half of antibiotic use is unneeded and antibiotics are losing their effectiveness.

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Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection

CAUTI accounts for up to 40% of all healthcare-associated infections, many are preventable.

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Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection

CLABSI is potentially deadly – about 1 in 5 people die – but highly preventable.

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Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

VAP is a grave complication in ICU patients – more than 1 in 10 will die – but can be minimised.

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Surgical Site Infection

Up to 1 in 10 patients get a wound infection from surgery; we can do better.

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Peripheral IV Catheter Insertion *NEW*

Peripheral IV catheters fail prematurely up to 70% of the time and complications (e.g. bloodstream infection) can be serious; we know how to improve.

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Workplace Culture *NEW*

Burnout is common; let’s create great places to work.

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The Improvement Community

Shared learning is a powerful force for improvement


Hospitals and other health care organisations have worked hard to improve safety, effectiveness, timeliness, efficiency, person-centeredness and equity.

Learning Resources

BCA campaign content – the basics of HAI prevention and antibiotic stewardship, and more advanced materials from Learning Sessions, keynote presentations, abstracts and other documents from 2009-2015. Some material may need updating based on new evidence and/or adaptation to circumstances. Please use judgment and talk to the experts.


Local and international improvers – experts and beginners, organisations (e.g. IHI, ISQuA, Lean Institute Africa), provincial and corporate quality professionals, and other individuals and groups working in BCA focus areas.


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