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Getting Started in the BCA Focus Areas

Most of the original BCA content which helped hospitals get started are listed here or can be found in this archive.

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The basics - BCA bundles

Systematic, evidence-based approaches to HAI reduction, antibiotic stewardship and other focus areas.

Antibiotic Stewardship

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection

Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection

Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Surgical Site Infection

Self-Study & Workshop Materials

This workbook has step-by-step instructions to create Welsh Safety Crosses, Days Between Infection & Infection Rate Graphs as well as Individual Bundle Element Compliance and Overall Patient Compliance Graphs. You will need to open the Example Data Worksheet and the Example Report Template on your computer to complete the exercises as you go through the workbook. The Welsh Cross handout to count the number of infections per month, and the Example Audit Form will be used to score process measures to input data for the process graphs – Individual Bundle Element and Overall Bundle Compliance. If you are teaching a group, the included agenda and feedback form may be useful.

Best Care Always Graphs Workbook download

BCA Example Data Worksheet download

BCA Example Report Template download

BCA Welsh Cross 3 Month Example Data Handout download

BCA Example VAP Audit Form with Data Handout download

Example VAP Audit Tool download

Agenda download

Feedback Form download


Measurement is key to improvement!

BCA licensed the IHI “extranet” which is available to enter and report process and outcome data and is currently in use by the Western Cape Department of Health.
For more information, contact info@bestcare.org.za

Instructions in the Extranet Workbook here

Michele Youngleson’s Basics of Measurement for QI

Additional and Advanced Content

These files represent the content from various BCA Learning Sessions. They represent a mix of content and sources: some are original BCA content, some are from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and others have a mix of local and external content. They are available for use by any hospital or other health care organisation to promote learning and improvement. Please acknowledge the source.